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Loney Dickson

Small mushrooms photo  Bug crawling on flowers photo  Bug walking on flowers photo  Bee carrying pollen from flower photo

White orchids photo  Two woodpeckers photo  Bluejay standing in snow photo  Owl through tree branches photo

Porcupine on branches photo  Leaping goats on side of mountain ridge photo  mountain lake and meadow photo 

Lesley Roy

Flock of birds with storm clouds photo  Bird flying under cloudy sky photo  Fall trees along bike path photo  Old fence through grassy field photo

Combine in harvest field photo  Abandoned house on harvest field photo  Building with lights at dusk photo  Sunset clouds over small town

Eric Hagedorn

Bench in fall park photo  Bee on flower photo  Old church photo  Orchid flower photo

Seacoast photo  Lake sunset photo  Picnic table near Sturgeon River photo

Derald Lobay

Winter in the mountains photo  Waterfalls photo  River in the winter photo

Base of mountain photo  Riverbed photo  Mountain lake photo

Al Popil

Bucking horse during rodeo photo  Hoodoos at night photo  Drop splashing up photo  Spider on leave photo

Bee coming to flower photo  Church with big sky photo  Bear sitting in water photo  Edmonton city skyline at night photo

Cemetary at night photo  Bee close-up photo  Duck taking off from water photo  Orange flower photo

Barry Oppen

Bee on red Dalia flower photo  Grasshopper on Hopps stem photo  Beaver in tall grass photo  Elk bull among old logs photo

Purple-tipped anenome photo  Sleeping Parrotfish fin and scales photo  Southern Stingray buried in sand photo

Old doorknob photo  Crumbling rail on old house photo  Kayakers by island at sunset photo  Sunset on lake wharf photo