February “Friends” Submissions Night

February’s submissions night gave us the opportunity to hear from John Vanveen about the interesting lenses he uses. We also got to meet three more club members, Chelsea, HQ, and Sylvia, who gave us a little insight into their photography interests.

See all the winning photos here, as they get posted: http://stalbertphotoclub.com/blog/sapcgalleries

Theme Print
1st place: Italo Pino
2nd place: Italo Pino
3rd place: Cory Brenneis

Open Print
1st place: Brent Bromilow
2nd place: HQ Ly (twice, for two prints)
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Theme Digital
1st place: Jay Mann
2nd place: Brent Bromilow, Italo Pino
3rd place: Hedy Bach

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place:  Brent Bromilow, HQ Ly
3rd place: Mary Wagner, Sylvia Labelle, Al Popil

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