Lightpainting by Richard Gagne

On Wednesday, February 21st, we had the pleasure of having Richard Gagne come out to the group. He gave us a breakdown on the basics of lightpainting, the equipment, and demonstrated some techniques live during the evening.
Richard is a former member of the club, and it was a pleasure to have him out to speak. His energy and passion for lightpainting was evident and infectious! It was interesting to see the number of different items that he uses for creating effects in his images. Richard clearly has great insight and imagination as many of the props he uses have been custom made out of ordinary, easily accessible items.

Richard has provided us with a list of lightpainting groups, both locally and abroad.
If you’re interested, check out these links that he has provided! ┬áRichard is one of the founders of the Edmonton Lightpainters Group.

Facebook groups:
Edmonton Lightpainters Group
Fiberoptic Lightpainting
LightPainting Brushes Tips and Tricks
Eric Pare
Lightpainters United
DNA of Light

Thank you, Richard, for coming out and sharing your knowledge and passion with the group.  It was a great evening!

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