April Guest Speaker

Our April guest speaker was Vancouver’s Rick Hulbert.  He was a dynamic speaker who intertwined humour with education.  His discussion on architectural photography was not just entertaining, but very insightful as he shared tips and perceptions from his background as an architect as it relates to his photography.  Rick commented in his discussion that there are commonalities between architecture and photography.  Architects look at spaces first, then edges (lines), and finally light, whereas photographers see the same but just in a different order.  Photographers look at light, then edges (lines), and finally spaces.

When approaching an image, Rick was sure to emphasize that vertical edges need to be portrayed as vertical, so when composing your image, ensure that the top of your vertical line is directly above the bottom; the best way to do so is to keep your camera level.  He says that if you can keep your verticals vertical, everything else will fall into place.  Rick also commented on creating edges that breathe.  He suggested that no two edges of any element or object should align exactly in order to keep the image appearing as natural as possible.

Rick provided tons of examples and encouragement for us to get to the point where we love our photography just as he does his own.  He was full of encouragement, and was truly enjoyable to listen to.  It is with much appreciation to Images Camera Club that we were collectively able to bring such a dynamic speaker to our club.

Rick Hulbert provides workshops, and has some amazing content on his website so please be sure to check him out.

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