November Submissions Night: Opposites

It was a tough theme, but that meant we got to see a lot of interesting interpretations of the idea of opposites, from decaying houses to budding flowers to husbands and wives.

See the winning photos showcased in our Galleries tab!

1st – Magic Goblet by Bill Adamoski
2nd – Apples and Oranges by Al Popil
3rd – Stop or Go? by Catherine Page

1st – Coming Round the Mountain by Irena Vlach
2nd – The Ice Queen by Irena Vlach
2nd – Mountain by David Oman
3rd – Balance (Cedar Waxwing) by Ted Marshall
3rd – Kitten by Al Popil

1st –  Chess pieces by Bill Adamoski
2nd – Mitt and Glove by Al Popil
3rd – To Everything there is a Seasoning by Catherine Page

Next month is our banquet, so no submissions night. January’s theme is “Broken”.

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