The October 2015 Winning Selections

Our challenge for the October theme was to take photos with a phone or tablet. On submission night, as people came in, they were gathered into groups to critique two prints, one from the open and one from the theme prints.  Since they knew which prints they were critiquing they had an opportunity to prepare in advance  and as a result the critiques were very well done with many helpful comments.

See all the winning submissions here:


Themed Print

1st Cindy Barnes-Enright

2nd Catherine Page

3rd Brent Bromilow

Open Print

1st Diana Gorski

2nd Barry Ryziuk

3rd (tie) – Catherine Page

3rd (tie) – Brent Bromilow

Themed Digitals

1st Doug Petry – Title: “Beauty On Beauty”

2nd Ken Collett – Title: “The Mechanicals Are Ever Watchfull”

3rd (tied) Tamara Dorn – Title: “A Long Way”

3rd (tied) Cindy Barnes-Enright – Title: “Tucker”

Open Digitals

1st Brent Bromilow – Title: “The bath escaped me!”

2nd Steve Pedersen – Title: “Ladder To The Stars”

3rd (tied) Gordon Michon – Title: “arc”

3rd (tied) Irena Vlach – Title: “The Real Garfield!”

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