January 2016 Submissions Night Winners

Congratulations for the first winning submissions of 2016. Some of us thought It was great to see some insect life in the winter and some of us were not as enthusiastic! See all the winning photos here: http://stalbertphotoclub.com/blog/sapcgalleries

Callibaetis Ferrugineus - Mayfly

Who wouldn’t love this face? (photo by Al Popil)

Themed Print

  • 1st Catherine Page
  • 2nd Barry Ryziuk
  • 3rd Jill Routhier

Open Print

  • 1st Catherine Page
  • 2nd Brent Bromilow
  • 3rd (tied) Jill Routhier
  • 3rd (tied) Barry Ryziuk

Themed Digitals

  • 1st Steve Pedersen – Title: “Cat Diesel Power”
  • 2nd Ken Collett – Title: “A Bee’s Welcoming Committee”
  • 3rd (tied) Catherine Page – Title: “Butterfly!”
  • 3rd (tied) Al Popil – Title: “Callibaetis Ferrugineus – Mayfly”

Open Digitals

  • 1st Jeff Wallace – Title: “4 am”
  • 2nd Doug Petry – Title: “Foggy Venice Canal”
  • 3rd Dawn Kawahara – Title: “Candle and Breath”

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