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September Submissions Night: “My Summer”

Kenn Collett's summer photo (1st place digital)

Ken Collett’s summer photo (1st place digital)

Our September theme of “My Summer” brought out a record number of participants, making it hard to choose amongst all the great photos. Looking forward to finding the perfect shot for these upcoming themes! Our themes for 2018-19 have just been chosen!

   October 2017: Colour!
   November 2017: Portraits
   December 2017: Banquet – no contest submissions but bring photos for a slide show
   January 2018: Night Scenes
   February 2018: Friendship
   March 2018: People at Work
   April 2018: Texture
   May 2018: Wet!

September 2018: Flora
October 2018: Out of Place
   November 2018: Landscape
   December 2018: None (Banquet)
   January 2018: Still Life
   February 2018: Doors
   March 2018: Abstract
   April 2018: Fence Line(s)
   May 2018: Reflections

September 2017 winners:

See the photos here:

Theme Print
1st place: HQ Ly , Dawn Kawahara
2nd place: Barry Ryzuik, Brent Bromilow
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk, Italo Pino

Open Print
1st place: Dawn Kawahara
2nd place: Sylvia Labelle
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Theme Digital
1st place: Ken Collett
2nd place: Al Popil
3rd place: Gordon Michon (twice!), Hedy Bach

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place: Italo Pino, Wally Kruger
3rd place: Italo Pino, HQ Ly

Summer Update

Hope you are out enjoying the weather! Over the summer, club members might get together a few times for Foto Friday outings, Field Trips, or casual photo outings. Feel free to send a message to the group if you would like to have people join you! You can contact Doug Poon, who will send out an email to the group, or send a message through the Facebook group.

June Banquet, AGM, and this year’s trophy winners

Our June banquet was a pleasant time to get together, go through the AGM, plan for next year, and recognize our Submissions Night winners. It seems like much of the executive will continue on, with some new faces for some of the volunteer roles. Please be in touch if you would like to help with any aspect of the club’s life! Thanks to the St. Albert Inn for their ongoing support, and for preparing the buffet. The 2016/17 category winners were as follows:

  • Print Theme: Barry Ryziuk
  • Print Open: Doug Petry
  • Digital Theme: Barry Ryzuik
  • Digital Open: Al Popil

Change for Submissions

There has been a change to the mat sizes allowed for submissions. The rules will be updated to indicate:   max mat size is 18x 24 inches.  Max size of the printed photos  continues to be 12 x 18.

May Submissions Night

This was our last submissions night of the year. May’s theme was “Industrial” . Keep your cameras busy over the summer, getting ready for next seasons’ themes!

Upcoming themes for 2017 – 2018:

   September: My Summer
   October: Colour!
   November: Portraits
   December: Banquet – no contest submissions but bring USB for a slide show
   January: Night Scenes
   February: Friendship
   March: People at Work
   April: Texture
   May: Wet!

May 2017 winners:

See the photos here:

Theme Print

1st place: Barry Ryziuk and Italo Pino
2nd place: Barry Ryzuik
3rd place: Catherine Page

Open Print

1st place: Catherine Page
2nd place: Jay Mann
3rd place: Italo Pino

Theme Digital

1st place: Doug Petry
2nd place: Brent Bromilow
3rd place: Ken Collett and Jay Mann

Open Digital

1st place: Ken Collett and Sylvia Labelle
2nd place: Doug Petry and Italo Pino
3rd place: Ken Collett and Barry Ryziuk

Submissions Night April 2017

April’s theme was “Ice”. See the photos here, especially if you are missing the cold weather!

Theme Print

1st place: Barry Ryziuk
2nd place: HQ Ly
3rd place: Doug Petry

Open Print

1st place: HQ Ly
2nd place: Doug Petry (2 photos)
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk, Catherine Page

Theme Digital

1st place: Brent Bromilow
2nd place: Doug Petry, Jay Mann, Barry Ryziuk
3rd place: Ken Collett, Irena Vlach, Jeff Wallace

Open Digital

1st place: Irena Vlach
2nd place: Jay Mann, Brent Bromilow
3rd place: Jay Mann, Al Popil

March Submissions Night Winners: Line

Photo Walk

photo by Catherine Page

Thanks to all who participated! March’s theme was “Line”. See the photos here:

Theme Print

1st place: Barry Ryziuk
2nd place: Gordon Michon
3rd place: Steve Pedersen

Open Print

1st place: Barry Ryziuk; Doug Petry; Sylvia Labelle
2nd place: Catherine Page
3rd place: Doug Petry, Dawn Kawahara

Theme Digital

1st place: Barry Ryziuk
2nd place: Catherine Page
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Open Digital

1st place: Steve Pedersen
2nd place: Al Popil
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

February Submissions Night Winners

February’s theme was Minimalism, which led to many simple and beautiful submissions. One thing that was not at a minimum — winners! Congratulations to them all. This has to be a record for the number of ties. See the photos here:

Theme Print

1st place: Barry Ryziuk
2nd place: Catherine Page
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Open Print

1st place: Barry Ryziuk
2nd place: Gordon Michon
3rd place: Catherine Page, Sylvia Labelle

Theme Digital

1st place: Ken Collett, Laurice Block
2nd place: Ken Collett, Francoise Noel
3rd place: Doug Petry (two photos), Steve Pedersen, Brent Bromilow, Barry Ryziuk (two photos)

Open Digital

1st place: Sylvia Labelle, Hedy Bach (two photos)
2nd place: Catherine Page
3rd place: Al Popil, Laurice Block

January’s Submissions Night Winners

With February’s Submissions Night almost upon us, it is definitely time to see the results of January’s event, where the theme was Patterns. Looking forward to the “minimalist” images for the February Submissions Night .

Here’s a list of the January winners – and take a look at their work in the gallery.

Theme Print
1st Doug Petry
2nd Barry Ryziuk
3rd Barry Ryziuk

Open Print
1st Doug Petry
2nd Catherine Page
3rd (tie) Laurice Block
3rd (tie) Dawn Kawahara

Theme Digital
1st Hedy Bach
2nd Cindy Barnes
3rd Steve Pedersen

Open Digital
1st John Vanveen
2nd Ken Collett
3rd (tie) Doug Petry
3rd (tie) Al Popil

Photo Tour To Grasslands National Park

Our thanks to Ralph Fuchs for providing this month’s Speaker Night presentation

On Wednesday, January 11, Ralph Fuchs, a member of the St. Albert Photography Club, gave a presentation on the photography tour he and his son Ryan took to Grasslands National Park in 2015.  For those who aren’t familiar with this park, it is located in southwestern Saskatchewan, about 165 km east of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border and right on the Saskatchewan/US border.  Grasslands NP is one of Canada’s newer parks, having been established in 2001.  Within the park is found one of the few remaining areas of the native prairie grasslands and a number of quite rare animals that are found nowhere else in the country. It is a great destination for anyone wishing to photograph them in their natural setting.


Some of the species of wildlife you’ll be almost certain to see include: Plains Bison, re-established in the area after many years from animals moved from Elk Island National Park in 2006; Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, found only here in their natural environment in Canada; Pronghorn Antelope; Whitetail and Mule Deer; rattlesnakes; coyotes; and several others that are not so easy to spot, such as the Black-footed Ferret, burrowing owl and badger.  Most of these animals can be spotted from the main road through the park but for those who are more energetic there are several hiking trails of a variety of lengths as well. pic2pic2bpic2cpic2dpic2e

Other places that might warrant a visit while in the area are: the ghost town of Orkney, just west of the park; the Great Sandhills; and Cyprus Hills Provincial Park.  The Town of Val Marie has a couple of restaurants, grocery store and liquor outlet, a card lock for gasoline and diesel fuel, bed and breakfast, a campground with full services, a hotel (questionable quality).  Nearby is The Crossing, with a campground (a couple of sites with power), teepees and a couple of suites for rent.  In the park there is a campground with basic facilities.

If you like spending time where there are not too many other visitors, lots of wildlife (some of it quite unique) and different scenery, you will probably enjoy Grasslands National Park.

Submissions Night coming soon

Our Submissions Night runs on the fourth Wednesday of most months, so the next one is on Wed. January 25, 2017. Come and share your work with others in a setting that allows for supportive and insightful critique for both new and seasoned photographers. You can also receive no critique at all, if you prefer!

All the details are available at For the upcoming months, the themes are:

  • January: Pattern
  • February: Minimalistic
  • March: Line
  • April: Ice
  • May: Industrial


November 2016 Submissions Night – Shadows

Shadowy figures emerged — as winners of this month’s event. Congrats to all! See the photos here (go to Galleries to view):

Open Print

1st place Barry Ryziuk
2nd place Brent Bromilow
3rd place Brent Bromilow
3rd place Barry Ryziuk

Theme Print

1st place Catherine Page
2nd place Barry Ryziuk
3rd place Catherine Page

Open Digital

1st place Al Popil
2nd place (tie) Al Popil
2nd place (tie) Sylvia Labelle
3rd place (tie) Doug Petry
3rd place (tie) Sylvia Labelle
3rd place (tie) Hedy Bach
3rd place (tie) Jeff Wallace

Theme Digital

1st place Gordon Michon
2nd place John Vanveen
3rd place Steve Pedersen