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November Workshop Night

While Wally and Ralph continued the “intro to photography” workshop, the rest of the group tried out a new discussion format, led by Ray. We covered some great topics because we have a talented bunch of people to add to the discussion!

Ray started us off with tips from a workshop he attended, hosted by Greg Gorman in Mendocino, California on fine art nude photography.  Earlier in the year, he also went to the Palm Springs photo festival and took a similar workshop – maybe don’t follow the link if you’re at work, even though it is fine art….

This led into a discussion about photographic style, and how to figure out your style. Technical topics included portraiture and setting focus vs. exposure, especially when reframing a shot.

Here were some of the online resources that people mentioned:

Barry reminded us about signing up for 2 upcoming field trips. The bug room at the museum has limited space, so email Barry soon. As well, there is the Rutherford House trip in December, and Ken would like to hear from people, especially if they want to go out for lunch after.

Feel free to add more about the workshop in the comments.


The benefits of submitting photos to be critiqued

Club member Doug Petry wrote a post for his own blog where he mentions his experiences with the St. Albert Photography Club. He nicely captures the benefits and challenges of the process of submitting photos on Submissions Night. You can see his winning submissions sprinkled throughout our galleries.

I called this post “In Pursuit of Excellence” because I wanted to make a point about how this kind of a challenge can be such a motivator to up your game, to push you and motivate you to spend more time thinking and creating something beautiful or meaningful that is well beyond what we might create on our own, without outside influence and a challenging environment.

You can find his complete post here:

Open Forum Workshop Night

Just a reminder that this Wednesday night (Nov 12th) is our next workshop. As usual, it begins at 7:00pm at the St. Albert Inn.

From RalphThere is no specific topic for the workshop.  We thought we’d try an open forum where we can discuss any concerns, issues, problems you might have.   If you have any questions, concerns, etc. bring them to the meeting it’s your chance to get some great feedback. For those who sat in on the camera fundamentals workshop, save the photos you took for the homework assignment on a memory stick in jpeg format so we can review your work.