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Submissions Points Totals to December 31, 2014

From Don Durand:
This is the first three months of submissions. There are still five months of submissions remaining till May 2015. The quality and quantity of photos is great. Hopefully, whether you are a beginner or experienced photographer,  we can learn how to improve our photography by looking at our creativity and the ability of our fellow club members. This year’s winner or winners will have to prove that they belong in the winning circle.
If somebody finds a discrepancy, please notify Don Durand.

Rutherford House Field Trip

On Saturday, December 6, seven club members met at Rutherford House for a photo tour of this historic mansion.  Ken had arranged exclusive access for club members for two hours prior to the house opening to the public so we were able to use tripods, lights, etc. without interfering with the public tours and vice versa.  Rutherford House is fully furnished with vintage items and decor which provided many interesting photo ops.  After the shoot we met at the High Level Diner for lunch.

-submitted by Ralph Fuchs

IMG_2887 (resized) IMG_2904 (resized)

November Submissions Night: Opposites

It was a tough theme, but that meant we got to see a lot of interesting interpretations of the idea of opposites, from decaying houses to budding flowers to husbands and wives.

See the winning photos showcased in our Galleries tab!

1st – Magic Goblet by Bill Adamoski
2nd – Apples and Oranges by Al Popil
3rd – Stop or Go? by Catherine Page

1st – Coming Round the Mountain by Irena Vlach
2nd – The Ice Queen by Irena Vlach
2nd – Mountain by David Oman
3rd – Balance (Cedar Waxwing) by Ted Marshall
3rd – Kitten by Al Popil

1st –  Chess pieces by Bill Adamoski
2nd – Mitt and Glove by Al Popil
3rd – To Everything there is a Seasoning by Catherine Page

Next month is our banquet, so no submissions night. January’s theme is “Broken”.