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December Speaker Night about McBain Camera and Sigma

Sigma rep

On Wednesday December 10 2014, the St. Albert photography club hosted two guest speakers.

Rene Rodrigue, the manager from McBain Camera in St. Albert came to speak to the club about offers made exclusively to members of the club. This includes discounts on lens and accessories. To receive the discount, members need to present a valid membership card when purchasing their items. Inquiries detailing the exact discount can be made by contacting Rene.


The second speaker was Doug French. Doug is a product distributer from Sigma. He spoke to the club about some significant advances that Sigma has made in their equipment in the last few years including increased resolution quality and improved dust and splash resistance. Doug presented information on several new lenses that sigma offers and different features of each lens. He also spoke about filters and tripods & monopods that double as walking sticks, and camera slings. One interesting piece of technology that Sigma has is a USB dock. What this piece of equipment allows you to is if you upgrade your camera body, your digital lenses will remain compatible with your new body. Sigma is the only company that offers this type of technology. More information on their equipment can be found on their website.

-article submitted by Charla Leblanc

Speaker Night with Larry Louie, November 19, 2014

On Wednesday, November 19, international award winning documentary photographer Larry Louie came to speak at the St. Albert photography club. Larry was kind enough to show us some of the beautiful images he shot while traveling and share with us his passion for photography.

Larry was born in Hong Kong and raised in Edmonton. He was educated as a doctor of optometry and now he divides his time between his practice and his art.

Several years ago, Larry attended a photo expedition in New York City. That expedition inspired him and it changed the way he shot photography. He started shooting documentary photography.

Throughout his travels, Larry has taken his passion for photography and transformed it into nothing short of amazing. His photos capture the essence of a moment; they tell us a story and evoke emotion. He is careful when taking the photos to portray people with dignity. He achieves this by carefully choosing the moment when he brings out his camera and taking only a few images as not to impose on the subject or make them feel uncomfortable. This also helps him capture and preserve the authenticity of the moment.

Larry spends time researching a country before he arrives in order to make the most of his time while in country. However, despite all the research he does of a particular area, he is open and ready to capture a moment should it arise.


When he travels, Larry carries very little equipment with him; one body and two lenses (Canon 5 D mark iii and 24mm & 24-105mm lens). His ‘go to’ ISO is 800. He shoots everything in RAW and stresses the importance of lighting. Things he looks for when taking the photo are composition, shadows, light and texture. Larry does very little in processing his images other than converting them to black and white and bumping up the contrast a bit. He never crops.

Larry works with several non-profit organization including SEVA and Oxfam. A full list of all the non-profit organization he works with including his own foundation can be found on his website.

-article written by Charla Leblanc

photo by Larry Louie

“Children of the Urban Poor in Tondo, Manila” shared with permission by Larry Louie