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March Submissions Night Winners


Follow this link to see the Points Totals to date!   SAPC Submissions-March2015
So many excellent submissions to choose from! The theme of the month was “Through the Window”.  See all the winning submissions here:

Themed Print
1st Al Popil
2nd Doug Petry
3rd Bill Adamoski – Title: Distracted Prayer

Open Print
1st Irena Vlach – Title: Mountain Lion Reflection
2nd Catherine Page
3rd Ted Marshall – Maligne Lake in the Rain

Themed Digitals
1st Hedy Bach –  Title: Back of the Bus
2nd Barry Ryziuk –  Title: Mountain View
3rd Gordon Michon – Title: Washday Blues

March Guest Speaker – Birding with Gerald Romanchuk

romanchuk-a photo of Gerald taken by a close friend – Steve Knight

Gerald Romanchuk is foremost a birder and secondly a photographer. He’s had this passion for the last fifteen years and he’s gained much respect in the birding and photographic communities around Alberta. His time revolves around the Edmonton Nature Club (ENC) where he serves on their board of directors plus leads many of their field trips. Gerald is published in many magazines and books. His photos have appeared in the “Alberta Wildlife Calendar”. Please check out following site to see his love for birds.  “I Like Birds” by Gerald Romanchuk

Gerald is a Canon photographer. His go-to equipment is a 400mm lens with an extender plus a crop sensor camera. Most of his photos are f/8 and ISO no greater than 1600.
Gerald used humour in his presentation. We as photographers all know how hard it is to take photos of a bird or animal. They are not a subject that will take directions. In half a second, they may be no longer looking in the proper direction; birds can completely fly off of the perch. Gerald used examples of what can happen in a day’s bird shoot.

There are three steps in photographing birds:
1. Where to find and photograph birds
-One has to have a great knowledge of birds, when will they be in your area or other areas of the province.
-Are they using this area as a nesting or feeding stop-over while migrating further north?
-Will you find them in grassland, shallow or deep water, country roads, forest areas or mountains tops, city or provincial parks?
-What attracts them: bugs in shallow water, bird feeders, grain elevators or bird baths?
2. How to approach and get close to birds
-Know your birds. Some are very approachable and curious. If you take your time, they may even come to you.
-In time, if they are familiar with you presence, you can befriend them.
-Set up blinds, either natural or store bought.
-Walk trails.
3. What to look for when taking a photo– lighting, background and angle of shooting.
-There are birds photos we take that are immediate, straight out of camera like photographing a falcon attacking a pigeon? You either get the photo or you missed it.
-Other photos can be staged or set up. Make a nice non-distracting perch. Make sure your background will be acceptable and know what time of day you get proper lighting.

-submitted by Don Durand

Experimental Photography Workshop with John Vanveen

Photo Club March 18John Vanveen’s workshop on Wednesday, March 18 gave members something to think about if they’re looking for new techniques and challenges for their photography.  John has a keen interest and extensive practical experience in what he refers to as “Experimental or Abstract Photography” and during his presentation gave us some insight into the techniques he uses and showed us examples of the very unique results.  Many of these techniques don’t require any additional cost or equipment and can be as simple as moving the camera or zooming the lens while the shutter is open.  Where additional equipment is used, he often makes use of salvaged items such as large screen projector lenses, discarded enlarger lenses or may mount a lens backwards on the camera.  Very ordinary, every-day subjects suddenly become a unique piece of abstract art.

Want to enhance your art?  John has given us something to think about and perhaps try out.

-submitted by Ralph Fuchs

Experimental Photographs provided by John Vanveen:

20131228-_DSC0126 20130511-_DSC0051 20130126-_DSC0031 20130126-_DSC0026 20120722-_DSC0009 20111008-_DSC0243 20110111-DSC_0042 _JVV7233 _JVV7228 _JVV5793 _JVV1710 _JVV1699


February submissions night winners

The theme for the month, Partially Obscured, led to a high volume of high quality images. The favorites for the night can be viewed in the galleries.

Themed Print
1st Al Popil with his hooded neighbour
2nd Bill Adamoski: Morning Fog
3rd Al Popil with the lady with the blue veil

Open Print
1st Ted Marshall: Barrel Racers
2nd Jill Routhier: High Level Seating
3rd Barry Ryziuk: dramatic skies at the Devonian Gardens

Themed Digital
1st Irena Vlach Title: Who’s There? – Canada Lynx
2nd Brent Bromilow Title: Ready or not, here I come!
3rd Mufty Mathewson Title: Hiding Giraffe