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March 2016 Submissions Night: “Peaceful”

Thanks for all the great submissions. Lots of winners this time! See them all here:

  • 1st Steve Pedersen
  • 2nd (tie) Barry Ryziuk
  • 2nd (tie) Catherine Page
  • 2nd (tie) David Oman
  • 3rd (tie) Brent Bromilow
  • 3rd (tie) Doug Petry
  • 1st Barry Ryziuk
  • 2nd Catherine Page
  • 3rd Diana Gorski
  • 1st Ingrid VanderGaag – Title: “Fishing”
  • 2nd (tie) Hedy Bach – Title: “om”
  • 2nd (tie) Ken Collett – Title: “Serene Waters”
  • 3rd Barry Ryziuk – Title: “End of the Summer”
  • 1st Ingrid VanderGaag – Title: “Bohemian Waxwing”
  • 2nd (tie) Catherine Page– Title: “Walking Colour!”
  • 2nd (tie) David Oman – Title: “Worlds Colliding”
  • 2nd (tie) Steve Pedersen – Title: “Power Gaze”
  • 3rd Ken Collett – Title: “Bowman Beach Nightlight”

February 2016 Submissions Night – Grungy Theme

Our photo club was fortunate to have a special visitor –  international award winning documentary photographer Larry Louie. Back in November 2014, he was our guest speaker, and impressed us with his photos which engage the viewer by telling a story and evoking emotion (read about that evening here:

photo by B. Ryziuk

Larry Louie at his optometry office/gallery. Photo by Barry Ryziuk

This time, Larry joined us while our club members shared their work. Larry provided valuable comments about the prints and digital submissions. One club member, David gave some comments: “It was a great evening. Larry was very direct in his critique and created a great environment for learning and growth. While we all have our preferred styles, it is important to push ourselves to grow as photographers. Without feedback growth is not possible, so even when it is uncomfortable, it still helps us move forward.”

Larry talked about factors that can help move a photo from “technically good” to outstanding. He made suggestions about elements that would add tension and interest, such as figures seen through glass and people moving in and out of the frame. Lenses with a fixed focal length are his preference, causing the photographer to have to move and be very aware of what gets captured. He helped discuss the question of when a photograph of artwork moves into being a unique expression in its own right.

Larry especially liked some photos which were not among the winning photos for the night, shown below. He also had some complimentary words (and critiques) for the photos our club voted as best! See our winners here:

Our winners were:

Themed Print

    • 1st (tied) Cory Brenneis, Steve Pedersen
    • 2nd Barry Ryziuk
    • 3rd Doug Petry

Open Print

    • 1st Doug Petry
    • 2nd Jill Routhier
    • 3rd (tied) David Oman, Kathy Hutchinson

Themed Digitals

    • 1st Catherine Page – Title: “Hangin’ Out”
    • 2nd Barry Ryziuk – Title: “Needs a light dusting”
    • 3rd (tied) Steve Pedersen – Title: “Puddle Jumper”
    • 3rd (tied) Hedy Bach – Title: “Crud”

Open Digitals

  • 1st Brent Bromilow – Title: “Satellites”
  • 2nd David Oman – Title: “Athabasca Ice Cave”
  • 3rd Ken Collett – Title: “Phalaenopsis Orchid”

For inspiration, take a look at Larry’s work. A full list of all the non-profit organization he works with, including his own foundation, can be found on his website.

Larry’s other choices from the evening:


“Dark Fashion” by Diana Gorski, taken at Western Canadian Fashion Week

St. Albert in the Summer

“St. Albert in the Summer” by Catherine Page

True Grit by T. Dorn

“True Grit” by Tamara Dorn, taken at Royal Alberta Museum