Monthly Archives: November 2017

November Submissions Night Winners

November’s theme was Portraits. See the winning photos here, as they get posted:

Theme Print
1st place: Italo Pino, Cory Brenner
2nd place: Jay Mann
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Open Print
1st place: Catherine Page
2nd place: Italo Pino
3rd place: Anastasia Kawulych, HQ Ly

Theme Digital
1st place: Hedy Bach
2nd place: Al Popil
3rd place: Catherine Page

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place: Francoise Noel, HQ Ly, Mary Wagner
3rd place: Anastasia Kawulych

October Submissions Night Winners


October’s theme was Colour! In November, we’ll focus on portraits. See all the winning photos, in glorious colour, here:

Theme Print
1st place: Anastasia Kawulych
2nd place: Italo Pino, Brent Bromilow
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk

Open Print
1st place: Italo Pino
2nd place: Brent Bromilow (for two photos), Barry Ryziuk
3rd place: Al Morrison, Barry Ryziuk

Theme Digital
1st place: HQ Ly
2nd place: Steve Pedersen
3rd place: Brent Bromilow, Brent Beach

Open Digital
1st place: Brent Bromilow
2nd place: Al Popil (for two photos)
3rd place: HQ Ly




This month, our guest speaker is Jens Gaethje.  He comes to us with a wealth of knowledge, skill, and talent.  He was born in Germany, but came to Canada when he was 34.  By this time, he had experienced a condition that rendered him visually handicapped.  While this halted his future as a graphic designer, it ultimately led him to explore his creativity in other methods, including music and dance.  Through determination, and later, technological advancements, he was able to find ways around his visual disability and discovered ways to pursue his visual arts and fine art photography.  This week he will speak about “The Creative Spark – seeing the world differently”.

Please join us on Wednesday evening to hear more from this talented artist and photographer. For more information, please visit his website:  He can also be found on Facebook and Instagram: JensGaethjePhotography.