Monthly Archives: February 2018

January’s Submissions Night

January’s submissions night saw record numbers, with over 80 digital submissions! Maybe “Night Photography” was a popular theme, or maybe people are just getting a lot of out of the process. We heard about three club members in a sort of special spotlight on getting to know each other. We also had a brief, info-packed presentation from Jeff Wallace on astrophotography.

See the winning photos here, as they get posted:

Theme Print
1st place: HQ Ly
2nd place: JDawn Kawahara
3rd place: Italo Pino, Barry Ryziuk

Open Print
1st place: Barry Ryziuk
2nd place: Al Girard, Jill Routhier
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk

Theme Digital
1st place: Carla Wagner
2nd place: Catherine Page
3rd place: HQ Ly

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place:  Mary Wagner
3rd place: Hedy Bach, Al Popil