Monthly Archives: December 2018

November Submissions Night: Landscapes


HQ Ly captured this sunset landscape

Take a look at the landscapes and other winning photos from November’s submissions night:

Theme Print
1st place: HQ Ly
2nd place: Barry Ryziuk and Tim Osborne
3rd place: HQ Ly and Stacy Kawulych

Open Print
1st place:  Rob Stefaniuk
2nd place: Italo Pino  (for two prints) and Doug Petry
3rd place: Dawn Kawahara

Theme Digital
1st place: Ken Collett
2nd place: Wendy Oor (for 2 digitals)
3rd place: Ken Collett

Open Digital
1st place: Ken Collett
2nd place:  Wendy Oor
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk, Steve Pedersen, and Carla Wagner