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February Submissions Night: Doors

TP_Italo Pino_ Farm House Door_1_

photo by Italo Pino

Catching up on February’s winners. And yes, there were 7 theme prints that tied for 3rd place!

Theme Print
1st place: Italo Pino
2nd place: Wendy Oor
3rd place: Jay Mann (for two prints); Stacy Kawalych (for two prints); Wendy Oor; Barry Ryziuk; Italo Pino

Open Print
1st place:  Francoise Noel
2nd place: Italo Pino
3rd place: Wendy Oor and HQ Ly

Theme Digital
1st place: Wendy Oor
2nd place: Catherine Page; Italo Pino
3rd place: HQ Ly

Open Digital
1st place: Catherine Page; Anastasia Kawulych
2nd place:  Barry Ryziuk
3rd place: Italo Pino; Al Popil; Heather Doran

See all their photos here: