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April Submissions Night winners: Fence Lines

HQ FistSnow

A dramatic fence line captured by HQ Ly

Theme Print
1st place: HQ Ly
2nd place: Italo Pino
3rd place: Wendy Oor

Open Print
1st place:  Stacy Kawulych, HQ Ly
2nd place: Francoise Noel, Art Gerzanich, Italo Pino
3rd place: Jay Mann

Theme Digital
1st place: Catherine Page
2nd place: HQ Ly, Steve Pedersen
3rd place: Silvana Bobowik, Brent Bromilow, Wendy Oor

Open Digital
1st place: Jay Mann
2nd place:  Catherine Page, Silvana Bobowik
3rd place: Sylvia Labelle (for 2 photos), Brent Bromilow

…and see the photos here:

March 2019 Submissions Night: Abstract

28_TD_Don Durand_308A9568

Abstract photo by Don Durand

It was a while ago, but thanks to Don Durand and members of the Abstract group for sharing their thoughts on abstract photography!

Theme Print
1st place: Italo Pino
2nd place: Dawn Kawahara
3rd place: Katy Wood, HQ Ly

Open Print
1st place:  Wendy Oor
2nd place: HQ Ly
3rd place: Doug Petry

Theme Digital
1st place: Wendy Oor
2nd place: Don Durand
3rd place: Italo Pino; Brent Bromilow

Open Digital
1st place: Mary Wagner; Wendy Oor (for two photos)
2nd place:  Mary Wagner
3rd place: Steve Pedersen

…and see the photos here: