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Macro Workshop Night

I was joined by 14 other hardy folks last night at the January workshop night where we had a good time practising our Macro photo techniques together. Thanks to Rick and John & Barry for sharing their expertise and gear with the rest of us, it was interesting for the members to try out some gear that they might not otherwise get a chance to use.

It turned out that we had some visitors that came all of the way from Mayerthorpe to be with us and that was pretty awesome, it made me feel like a wimp for complaining about the drive from Edmonton!

I’ve posted a few pics that I took last night of what some of the others were doing and a few of my oil & water setup. I had a jar of old buttons and when I spread them out under the oil stand it added an extra dimension to the pics, you never know what will work until you give it a try.

Thanks to all those who came out and made the evening a success even on one of the coldest nights of the year!
And if you missed it, don’t worry because our February 12th speaker is going to be Al Popil on Macro Photography and I’m sure it will be a great time as well.

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November 2019 Submissions Night – Sport theme

29_TD_TimOsborne_LongJump 1st place

Tim Osborne’s first place photo

Congratulations to the winners of November’s Submission Night!

Theme Print
1st place: Catherine Page
2nd place: Jay Mann
3rd place: Tim Osborne

Open Print
1st place:  Catherine Page, Brent Bromilow
2nd place: Wendy Oor, Catherine Page
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Theme Digital
1st place: Tim Osborne
2nd place: Silvana Bobowik
3rd place: Ken Collett

Open Digital
1st place: Steve Pedersen
2nd place: Brent Bromilow
3rd place: Jay Mann, Catherine Page

See all their winning photos here:

October Submissions Night: Sky

Print Catherint_EP14969-Edit

Photo on the theme of “Sky” by Catherine Page

Congratulations to the winners on October’s Submission Night!

Theme Print
1st place: Wendy Oor
2nd place: Catherine Page
3rd place: Wendy Oor

Open Print
1st place:  Peter Pankiw
2nd place: Francoise Noel
3rd place: Catherine Page, Katie Burley-wood, Wendy Oor

Theme Digital
1st place: Catherine Page
2nd place: Steve Pedersen
3rd place: Peter Pankiw

Open Digital
1st place: Italo Pino
2nd place: Peter Pankiw
3rd place: Steve Pedersen, Catherine Page

See all their winning photos here: