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September Workshop – WiFi & Photography

DSC00919Wednesday night was the first workshop of the season and club member, Kevin Fuhr presented a workshop on using Wi-Fi in photography. It proved to be a well-attended and interesting evening and Kevin did a fine job presenting what is obviously a growing aspect of photography.

Many of us have never used Wi-Fi with our cameras and I admit that beyond the obvious use of getting a good quality image onto Facebook a little faster, I hadn’t given it any thought.
Kevin showed us a few different options available for use with just about any DSLR or mirrorless camera as well as a dedicated Canon accessory that is clearly designed for serious, deep pocketed photographers.

He showed us three different versions of Wi-Fi equipped SDHC cards that were quite reasonable in price:
FlashAir – from around $60, Eye-Fi mobiPro around $130, Eye-Fi X2 Pro around $110 (discontinued but still available).

Kevin demonstrated how the technology would be very useful for instructors or presenters or professional photographers tethering the camera to a monitor or a computer running Lightroom or a similar program and being able to quickly examine the images on a large screen.

One of the possible uses of Wi-Fi that interests me is to control the camera’s shutter and possibly other functions remotely. It seems camera manufacturers are also thinking along those lines as Wi-Fi capability has made its way recently into several cameras. Bill, one of our club members, demonstrated the built in Wi-Fi of his new Sony mirrorless camera and through the built in Apps, it can easily download images to phones or tablets, and they in turn can operate the camera shutter remotely.

It seems like Wi-Fi technology is here to stay and we can look forward to many exciting new applications of the technology as camera manufacturers scramble to compete in this fast moving area.