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Eric HagedornEric Hagedorn – Artist Statement

I have been interested in nature for my whole life and I have also always been interested in photography.  I just wanted to take pictures.  Combining both interests has been a natural for me.  By the time I had been taking pictures for about twenty years I had learned enough about the planet Earth and its inhabitants to understand the connection between the two fascinations.  Then I began to study the photography of the natural Earth and develop my understanding of the impact that the Earth has on life and also the impact that life has had on the Earth.  As I came to understand these impacts more I began to understand the impact that the Earth and its inhabitants has had on me and therefore what and how I photograph the Earth.  My first love in photography is the natural world, landscape first and then the plant and animal life that exists there.  I have come to understand that the history of the earth before any human impact has had a tremendous effect on the appearance of today’s Earth’s surface.  With the increasing effect of human development on the Earth comes a decrease in the amount of pristine natural landscape that is available to photograph.  (This has been realized for several decades.)  Most of the landscape photography done today involves humanity in some way and it becomes increasingly important to apply the human history to the natural history of an image in order to read the story presented.

These pictures reflect my love of the Earth both for the beauty that can be found there and for the stories that can be read there.  Some stories deal only with the evolution of the Earth’s surface, some deal with the relationship between the Earth and mankind but all deal with the beauty that can be seen in the world and its inhabitants.  Some of the stories are obvious and some require some digging in order to unravel the whole account.

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