Lightpainting by Richard Gagne

On Wednesday, February 21st, we had the pleasure of having Richard Gagne come out to the group. He gave us a breakdown on the basics of lightpainting, the equipment, and demonstrated some techniques live during the evening.
Richard is a former member of the club, and it was a pleasure to have him out to speak. His energy and passion for lightpainting was evident and infectious! It was interesting to see the number of different items that he uses for creating effects in his images. Richard clearly has great insight and imagination as many of the props he uses have been custom made out of ordinary, easily accessible items.

Richard has provided us with a list of lightpainting groups, both locally and abroad.
If you’re interested, check out these links that he has provided!  Richard is one of the founders of the Edmonton Lightpainters Group.

Facebook groups:
Edmonton Lightpainters Group
Fiberoptic Lightpainting
LightPainting Brushes Tips and Tricks
Eric Pare
Lightpainters United
DNA of Light

Thank you, Richard, for coming out and sharing your knowledge and passion with the group.  It was a great evening!

February “Friends” Submissions Night

February’s submissions night gave us the opportunity to hear from John Vanveen about the interesting lenses he uses. We also got to meet three more club members, Chelsea, HQ, and Sylvia, who gave us a little insight into their photography interests.

See all the winning photos here, as they get posted:

Theme Print
1st place: Italo Pino
2nd place: Italo Pino
3rd place: Cory Brenneis

Open Print
1st place: Brent Bromilow
2nd place: HQ Ly (twice, for two prints)
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Theme Digital
1st place: Jay Mann
2nd place: Brent Bromilow, Italo Pino
3rd place: Hedy Bach

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place:  Brent Bromilow, HQ Ly
3rd place: Mary Wagner, Sylvia Labelle, Al Popil

January’s Submissions Night

January’s submissions night saw record numbers, with over 80 digital submissions! Maybe “Night Photography” was a popular theme, or maybe people are just getting a lot of out of the process. We heard about three club members in a sort of special spotlight on getting to know each other. We also had a brief, info-packed presentation from Jeff Wallace on astrophotography.

See the winning photos here, as they get posted:

Theme Print
1st place: HQ Ly
2nd place: JDawn Kawahara
3rd place: Italo Pino, Barry Ryziuk

Open Print
1st place: Barry Ryziuk
2nd place: Al Girard, Jill Routhier
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk

Theme Digital
1st place: Carla Wagner
2nd place: Catherine Page
3rd place: HQ Ly

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place:  Mary Wagner
3rd place: Hedy Bach, Al Popil

January Guest Speaker – Catherine Page


Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break.  It will be good to come back to routine, and I am thrilled that this week we will have our own Catherine Page as our guest speaker!  Not only is Catherine one of our active members, she is also heavily involved as a volunteer with our club, and for that we are all grateful.

Catherine has always been found with a camera in hand, but it wasn’t until she retired from her careers as an Occupational Therapist and a Piano Teacher did she have the real opportunity to focus on her photography passion.  With her newfound time, Catherine attended the Burwell School of Photography and received her Diploma in Portrait Photography last year, and her Diploma in Nature Photography the year before.  She also has the flexibility to travel, which is another one of her interests.  She spends both time away with family and on focused photography trips, but in the generous way that Catherine lives her life, she also travels and gives her time to Habitat for Humanity.  This provides plenty of opportunities for Catherine to capture the people and locations that bring her photographic stories to life.

During her travels, she has had plenty of opportunity to consider not just the ethical, but also the legal implications of photography at home and abroad.  During her presentation, Travel Photography – Photographing While You Travel or Travelling to Photograph, she will discuss some of the things that she has learned that assist her in capturing the images that give her that great satisfaction while travelling in foreign countries and experiencing new cultures.

Please join us on Wednesday evening for Catherine’s informative and enjoyable presentation.  We look forward to seeing you there!

December Guest Speaker

20171130-Emerald Lake resort - 8 frame pano - 50mm

Our guest speaker this month is one of our very own members.  Jeff Wallace has recently taken his photography to the next level, moving into the world of professional photography.  Jeff has made himself known for his cityscapes, landscapes, and especially night photography.  His images of the aurora borealis are amazing, as we have all seen.

For this week’s meeting, Jeff will give us a lesson first, then the opportunity to try out some of our skills!  Please remember to bring your camera and tripod.  In order to get full benefit of the evening, make sure you are familiar with your live view function.  Don’t forget your gloves!

Jeff can be found on facebook at Jeff Wallace Photography and on Instagram and Twitter  @wherezjeff

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there on Wednesday evening!

November Submissions Night Winners

November’s theme was Portraits. See the winning photos here, as they get posted:

Theme Print
1st place: Italo Pino, Cory Brenner
2nd place: Jay Mann
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Open Print
1st place: Catherine Page
2nd place: Italo Pino
3rd place: Anastasia Kawulych, HQ Ly

Theme Digital
1st place: Hedy Bach
2nd place: Al Popil
3rd place: Catherine Page

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place: Francoise Noel, HQ Ly, Mary Wagner
3rd place: Anastasia Kawulych

October Submissions Night Winners


October’s theme was Colour! In November, we’ll focus on portraits. See all the winning photos, in glorious colour, here:

Theme Print
1st place: Anastasia Kawulych
2nd place: Italo Pino, Brent Bromilow
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk

Open Print
1st place: Italo Pino
2nd place: Brent Bromilow (for two photos), Barry Ryziuk
3rd place: Al Morrison, Barry Ryziuk

Theme Digital
1st place: HQ Ly
2nd place: Steve Pedersen
3rd place: Brent Bromilow, Brent Beach

Open Digital
1st place: Brent Bromilow
2nd place: Al Popil (for two photos)
3rd place: HQ Ly




This month, our guest speaker is Jens Gaethje.  He comes to us with a wealth of knowledge, skill, and talent.  He was born in Germany, but came to Canada when he was 34.  By this time, he had experienced a condition that rendered him visually handicapped.  While this halted his future as a graphic designer, it ultimately led him to explore his creativity in other methods, including music and dance.  Through determination, and later, technological advancements, he was able to find ways around his visual disability and discovered ways to pursue his visual arts and fine art photography.  This week he will speak about “The Creative Spark – seeing the world differently”.

Please join us on Wednesday evening to hear more from this talented artist and photographer. For more information, please visit his website:  He can also be found on Facebook and Instagram: JensGaethjePhotography.


September Submissions Night: “My Summer”

Kenn Collett's summer photo (1st place digital)

Ken Collett’s summer photo (1st place digital)

Our September theme of “My Summer” brought out a record number of participants, making it hard to choose amongst all the great photos. Looking forward to finding the perfect shot for these upcoming themes! Our themes for 2018-19 have just been chosen!

   October 2017: Colour!
   November 2017: Portraits
   December 2017: Banquet – no contest submissions but bring photos for a slide show
   January 2018: Night Scenes
   February 2018: Friendship
   March 2018: People at Work
   April 2018: Texture
   May 2018: Wet!

September 2018: Flora
October 2018: Out of Place
   November 2018: Landscape
   December 2018: None (Banquet)
   January 2018: Still Life
   February 2018: Doors
   March 2018: Abstract
   April 2018: Fence Line(s)
   May 2018: Reflections

September 2017 winners:

See the photos here:

Theme Print
1st place: HQ Ly , Dawn Kawahara
2nd place: Barry Ryzuik, Brent Bromilow
3rd place: Barry Ryziuk, Italo Pino

Open Print
1st place: Dawn Kawahara
2nd place: Sylvia Labelle
3rd place: Brent Bromilow

Theme Digital
1st place: Ken Collett
2nd place: Al Popil
3rd place: Gordon Michon (twice!), Hedy Bach

Open Digital
1st place: Al Popil
2nd place: Italo Pino, Wally Kruger
3rd place: Italo Pino, HQ Ly

October Guest Speaker Spotlight

I am pleased to welcome Mr. Bert Crowfoot as our guest speaker this week.

He is highly respected in many areas, and has graciously provided us with a brief biography:

Bert Crowfoot

Bert Crowfoot has two Indian names. His Siksika name is “Kiyo Sta’ ah” or Bear Ghost and his Kwakwaka ‘wakw name is “Gayutalas” or Always Giving. He was adopted by the Kwakwaka ‘wakw  at a potlatch in 2008, by Chief Adam Dick.

 Bert is a photographer with an intuitive eye developed over the past 30 years. Known for recording Aboriginal events and cultural knowledge through out North America, his travels always take him to new levels of perception. Most of Bert’s work is for sale with the exception of spiritual imagery.

Bert’s Siksika/Saulteaux cultural roots give him the inspiration to record and to preserve many spiritual practices with different nations. His images are taken with a highly respectful and sacred awareness of the protocols, sanctity and supernatural forces that are present in Indigenous spiritual rituals, nature and life. As part of this awareness, he believes these spiritual images are gifts to be shared with present and future generations to bear witness of the power of the Indigenous ways of life. Spiritual images cannot be sold.

 He is founder and CEO of the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA), General Manager of CFWE-FM, an Alberta-wide Aboriginal radio network and the Publisher of several publications including Windspeaker and Alberta Sweetgrass. AMMSA is Canada’s largest publisher of Aboriginal news and information and a recognized leader in Aboriginal communications in North America.

 Bert’s many honors over the years that include: a Lifetime Achievement Award from the province of Alberta; Venture Magazine’s “50 Most Influential Individuals in Alberta” (2004); Venture Magazines “100 Entrepreneurs who built Alberta” (2005); nominated to CBC’s Alberta 100 list (2005) and inducted into the Aboriginal Walk of Honor in Edmonton (2006). He is the great great grandson of Chief Crowfoot who signed Treaty 7.

Please come join us on Wednesday evening to hear more from this accomplished individual and learn a little bit more about his work and the culture that surrounds us here in Alberta and across the continent.