St. Albert Photography Club Gallery Submission Requirements

July 14, 2015



1) A member may submit up to two images.

2) All images are to be submitted digitally.

3) Maximum file size per image submitted shall not exceed 5MB.

4) All metadata must be removed from the images submitted.

5) No watermarks or other identification indicating company or

name will be permitted on the photos.

6) Images submitted must include the title of the photo and the

name of the photographer.

7) Images submitted must include the size (height and width) that

they will be displayed at, if chosen. The height and width

dimensions must include the area of the matting.

8) The maximum allowable area for each picture including matting

shall not exceed 4 square feet.

9) The deadline for submission is 11:59PM  August 31, 2015





All pictures shall be submitted digitally to


Questions regarding the submission requirements should also be

submitted to .