Please help celebrate the top three photographer’s for the 2023/2024 year.

These were based on the highest overall points for the year.

1st Place -Wendy Oor with 160 points

2nd Place- Mark McTavish with 60 points

3rd Place- Italo Pino with 55 points

Honorable Mentions:

Themed Digitals

1st Place- Wendy Oor- 50 Points

2nd Place-Katie Burley-Wood- 30 Points

3rd Place- Silvana Bobowik-25 Points

Open Digitals

1st Place- Wendy Oor-50 Points

2nd Place-Ken Collett-40 Points

3rd Place Kelly Rombough-30 Points

Open Prints

1st Place- Wendy Oor- 65 Points

2nd Place-Rick Teal- 45 Points

3rd Place- Mark McTavish-35 Points

Congratulations to our three top overall winners and all honorable mentions!!!