Workshops are where our members can learn a ton by getting “hands-on” and doing something. If you have ever wondered about a certain technique or genre, then taking a workshop can be the best way to learn. We attempt to coordinate our workshops based on member interest.

Have you ever wondered on how to take portraits using studio lighting?
Take a workshop photographing in a studio with models.

Have you ever wondered how to paint with light?
Go out with a group at nighttime and learn to paint with light.

Have you ever considered purchasing a new mirrorless camera but want to know the pros/cons over a DSLR?
Join us with our friends at Vistek to try one out.

Do you know about proper exposure and the exposure triangle?
Visit a photography instructor and do exercises to learn how the trio interacts.

Various workshop topics occur during the season and we encourage our wondering members to learn something new; while also encouraging our seasoned photographers to join in the fun.

The best way to learn is do; the worst way to teach is to talk.

Paul Halmos