Speaker Nights

Speaker Night typically happens on the 2nd Wednesday of each month during our season, and is considered a treasure by many members of the St. Albert Photography Club.  Photographers from all walks of life are invited to speak to the membership and present a portfolio of their work. 

Speakers are selected from both inside and outside the club.  They may have won prestigious awards for their work, they may be published by National Geographic or other organizations, or they may have even published their own books.  Their work may be local or international in nature and range from humanitarian, to wildlife, to abstract, to macro-photography, or even to reaches of outer space via astro-photography.

While our preference is for in-person presentations, logistics sometimes dictate that the presentation is conducted online. Through these presentations, members have the chance to view amazing photographs and travel (virtually) to distance vistas. We also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how the speaker approached the subject or learn the techniques they may have used to capture their images. In some cases, the speakers may even follow-up with a workshop or guided photo outing.

Internal surveys of the club has shown that Speaker Night is one of the highest valued activities