Social Events

Meet a new friend..

Make new acquaintances and meet with old friends at a social gathering. Our social events decreased over the last few seasons due to the pandemic. We are happy to be back and provide opportunities for our membership to meet.

Annual social gatherings at Christmas and end of the season are typical!

Many of our members will plan impromptu coffee sit-downs, photo shoots and hikes; some on short notice.

We encourage our members to make their own social arrangements with friends they have met through the club.

It could be as simple as “I’m going for a photo-walk today, to you want to join me?”

©Mark McTavish

Foto Fridays!

Foto Fridays are a hit with many members and non-members alike!

Typically lots of retirees attend as they a scheduled for Friday mornings.

As noted by the organizers (Barry Ryziuk and Hedy Bach), the group is more of a “lunch club with a photography habit”