Submission Night

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Submission Night?

“Submission Night” occurs on the fourth Wednesday of each month, and has both theme and open categories. It is a friendly competition among the St. Albert Photography Club members and is a great way to show your personal flavour of photography. For each of the theme and open categories, there are both digital and print classifications for a total of four (4) categories.

  • Open Digital
  • Open Print
  • Theme Digital
  • Theme Print

Photographs for the print submissions must be delivered in person on the Submission Night. Aside from the chance of placing and having your winning image(s) displayed in our archived galleries, there is the added bonus of the chance to receive positive critiquing on your work.

This is a great learning opportunity for all members! All attending members benefit by viewing the images of others and providing an opportunity for discussion about the photographs. This is one of the main reasons our club exists; to spark your creativity and improve your photography.

What are Open & Theme categories?

How does it work?

Members submit their images within the deadline provided each month and are subject to the Submission Night Rules. There are restrictions for dimensions for both categories, and in the case of the Theme category, more restrictions exist. With our current membership numbers, up to two (2) images per category are allowed per monthly Submission Night.
Note: This number may change depending on increases in our membership; and we strive to always welcome new members!

All digital submissions are posted for viewing in both our private Facebook group and in a protected ‘members-only’ section of this site. All members are given a specified period of time to allow them to vote electronically on their favourites. As already mentioned above, print entries must be brought to the meeting and will be displayed for all attending members to view. Ballet votes will be cast on-the-spot, tallied, and winners announced during the meeting.

Do I get anything if I win? (1st, 2nd or 3rd)

Yes! Bragging rights and complete respect from your fellow member photographers!

Additionally, all winning images are posted on our website and in-turn, remain in our gallery archive for the general public to view.
All other submitted images will be deleted upon uploading the subsequent set for voting the next month.

Rights to Use Images?

All images and photographs submitted for Submission Night, are automatically copyrighted by the original creator.
All rights to use such images are strictly reserved and may only be used with permission from the original creator.

In submitting your images for Submission Night, our members agree to allow the St. Albert Photography Club to display the image on our website and other various social media without prejudice.