Submission Night

Frequently asked questions

What is Submission Night?

“Submission Night” occurs on the fourth Wednesday of each month. There are both theme and open categories. It is a friendly competition among the St. Albert Photography Club members and is a great way to show your personal flavour of photography. For each of the open category, there are both digital and print classifications for a total of three (3) categories.

  • Open Digital
  • Open Print
  • Theme Digital
Open Print from a submission night in 2023 ©Italo Pino

What are Open & Theme categories?


A free-for-all!
Any subject, taken any time, using any technique, edited using any software.


Image must relate to monthly theme,
be recent, and relatively true to the original image
with minimal editing.

How does it work?

Members submit their images within the guidelines provided to the membership. All digital image submissions are posted for viewing in both our private Facebook group and on a protected section of this site. Whether or not a member submits an image, all members are given a specified period of time to vote electronically on their favourites. Voting for prints happen on-the-spot at the Submission night event. Winners for all categories are then announced during the submission night meeting.

Monthly prizes are offered to the winning photographers. Also, the winning photographs are published in our Latest Winners gallery. They are also permanently archived in our Archive gallery. Check out the awesome photos taking by our members, current and past. A new “points-based” system will be used to determine the top 3 photographers for the season.

This is a great learning opportunity for all members! All attending members benefit by viewing the images of others, and providing an opportunity for discussion about the photographs. This is one of the main reasons our club exists; to spark your creativity and improve your photography.

Rights to Use Images?

All images and photographs submitted for Submission Night, are automatically copyrighted by the original creator. All rights to use such images are strictly reserved and may only be used with permission from the original creator.

In submitting images for Submission Night, our members agree to allow the St. Albert Photography Club to display the image on our website.