Submission Night Rules

  1. There are four (4) categories: Theme Print, Theme Digital, Open Print, and Open Digital.
  2. Only members in good standing (yearly dues paid in full) may submit entries for Submission Night.
  3. Each member may submit up to 2 images in each of the four (4) categories for a maximum of eight (8) entries.
  4. Images entered in the “THEME” categories (print or digital) must have been taken after September 1 of the previous club year (e.g. photos submitted in the 2022-23 photo club year must have been taken after September 1, 2021.)
  5. Images entered in the “THEME” categories must not be composites. Nothing can be added that was not present in the original image. Major elements can not be removed from the image but minor tidying up (removal of power lines, blades of grass, garbage, etc.) is permitted.
  6. Images entered in the “THEME” categories must be reasonably true to the original image. Photo manipulation outside of what can be done with software like Lightroom is not permitted. Minor changes to exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and colour temperature are permitted. Use of brushes are acceptable. Recolouring of an object beyond warming or cooling is not acceptable.
  7. High Dynamic Range (HDR), major desaturation or saturation, black and white conversions are all acceptable.
  8. In “OPEN” categories for both print and digital, composites are acceptable, providing all elements in the image are the original work of the photographer submitting the entry.
  9. In “OPEN” categories for both print and digital an individual may use any skills, techniques, or technology available in order to produce images for submission.
  10. Images entered in “OPEN” categories can be of any subject and can be taken at any time.
  11. Images previously submitted for any category will not be permitted to be submitted a second time. Images cannot contain watermarks, any name or identifying marks, or any printed photo frames applied through software.
  12. Unless otherwise informed by the Digital Submission coordinator, digital files shall be submitted by e-mail ONLY to this email address: NOT LATER than 6 pm on the Monday preceding the Submission Night meeting.
  13. Digital images shall be submitted with: your full name and category. You may include a title for your photo and a location, if you wish. To name your file, use the category, your name, and an image number. For example, for a theme digital, use TD_FirstName LastName_image identifier.jpg. So for example: TD_Barry Ryziuk_2.jpg. Here is some further information about sizing: Download Resizing Submissions guide (PDF file)
  14. Dimensions for printed photographs shall not exceed 12” x 18”, either horizontally or vertically. Square images have a maximum size of 12”x12”. Images must also be matted on a mat not exceeding 18” x 24”, either horizontally or vertically. Mats only, no frames are allowed.
  15. Printed images submitted should include the following: Location (where the shot was taken), focal length, shutter speed, aperture, ISO as a minimum. It is optional to include lens and camera information. For digital, much of this information is generally provided automatically in the metadata of your entries, so just a title and location are needed. Labels for printed images will be available at club meetings or available for download on the website: Image Info Label (PDF file)
Keeping an eye on the rules
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  • Photographs will be judged by popular vote from the membership
  • Voting for digital entries will take place using online software and must be completed prior to submission night. The deadline for voting will be announced to all members via e-mail
  • Voting for print entries will take place in person, during submission night, by only those members in attendance
  • Each member may vote for up to four (4) of their favourite images in each of the four categories (Theme Print, Theme Digital, Open Print, Open Digital)
  • Consideration for votes should be based first on relevance to the theme, as well as composition, sharpness, colour, and overall impact
  • Votes will be counted and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced during the submission night meeting. Ties are allowed for each place, and 1 or more winners may occur for each placement (i.e. Not limited to 3 winners)
  • If time permits during the Submission Night meeting, image examination and commentary may be done by solicited members (or on occasion, by invited expert guests) for any submitted images